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The Must Have Spring/Summer Shoe

Incase you haven't noticed kitten heels are the latest must have shoe for Spring/Summer and I am definitely here for them! Gone are the days of platform heels - kitten heels and block heels are the latest - think slip on, thong, strappy, slingback and lace up! My usual go to shoe styling for cute summery outfits is a pair of sneakers or flat sandals but it's great to have an alternative shoe that is still a sandal style but has a small heel, adding femininity to your look and is still comfortable - whats better than being stylish and practical??

On top of that they are perfect for every season, spring, summer, autumn and warmer winter days too and can be dressed down with jeans, shorts, dresses, or dressed up for evenings or work. The options are endless as they come in a variety of different colours, designs and shapes - square toes being my favourite! I certainly wouldn't have thought that I'd be trading my 5 inch heels for a 2 inch heel in my mid twenties but here we are!

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