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Outfit Of The Day

Updated: May 13, 2019

This outfit captures three of my absolute fashion favourites - pinafores, puff sleeves and pairing boots with a mini dress. I love pinafores because they are versatile and are flattering for every body type. They can be worn during warmer months like I have styled it here or during colder months with jerseys and stockings/tights on top of being dressed up or down.

At the moment I am buying anything with a puff sleeve. I think that they are so feminine and reminiscent of our youth so I am so happy that they are back on trend. They add such a girly touch to blazers, dresses, blouses and jerseys.

When it comes to pairing boots with an outfit I like to pick up on a specific colour in the look and pair it with boots that will help the colour pop and stand out - in this outfit that was white due to the puff sleeves and the white/cream that you can see in the pinafore. This outfit would look completely different with a pair of black boots.

Outfit Details

Pinafore Dress: Topshop

Crop Top: Cotton On

Boots: Daily Friday, Superbalist

Bag: Gucci

Content created by @saltdcontentcreation

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