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How I Went On A Fully Paid For Ski Trip To Switzerland

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

I am partnered with an American Network Marketing, Health and Beauty company. I work at my own pace, for myself, from home or where ever I choose. One of the many perks is that you can qualify for an all expenses paid earned trip 2-3 times a year for you as well as a plus one depending on your own success and hard work! Everything is planned and payed for (excluding alcohol) by the company. By October last year I had finished a 4 month qualification to attend a ski trip to Laax, Switerland with my business mentors and friends. You can click here to contact me if you'd like more info on joining my team.

We decided to extend our trip and visited my mentor at her home in Leicester for 3 days before heading to London for 6 nights and then another 3 days in Milan after skiing.

Laax - Day 1

We had an early morning flight from Heathrow and landed in sunny Zurich. We were greeted by organisers who directed us to other people who had qualified for the same trip from the EMEA region, loaded our nags onto a bus and then began a 2 hour journey up to the snowy mountains. Even though it was sunny in Zurich it was still very icy and chilly.

We arrived at the Rock Resort in beautiful LAAX were we were met by my Account Manager who gave us our welcome drinks and information packs and showed us to our rooms. I was (still am) blown away by how amazing our rooms were. We walked into a two bedroom, two bathroom, kitchen, dining and living room apartment which over looked the ski slopes. On the dining table were two goodie bags and a bag filled with all the beauty product essentials that we would need for our time in the slopes - shampoos, hair masks, sun screens, moisturisers, cleansers, toners, toothpaste, etc.

We then got ready to take a gondola to our welcome drinks and dinner which was 2000 feet up at a 360 degree restaurant called Galaaxy. We were met by the most amazing sunset over looking the snowy mountain tops, hard to believe that it was real. We enjoyed drinks and networking before going into Galaaxy for dinner.

Laax - Day 2

We had a full day of activities planned - this was definitely my favourite day! We had another early start and a full morning and afternoon of Snow Olympics which was a team building planned by our company. We had different activities we could take part in, a lunch, a DJ with a dance floor and an après-ski to look forward to afterward. We had so much fun playing around in the snow on the sleds and even though it was chilly it was a beautiful sunny day on the slopes. We ended the afternoon at the bar having a few Aperol Spritz before catching the ski lift back to the gondola before getting ready for our second dinner on the slopes. This time we went to a more traditional restaurant setting where we had a 3 course dinner and drinks.

Laax - Day 3

We were given the option to choose an activity for the day - skiing, snow boarding, spa, etc. We chose to ski (obviously) which proved a lot more difficult that I remember it being. Apparently LAAX is one of the hardest ski slopes in the world and doesn't even have an easy/beginner line so our only option was to get started on the intermediate slope which ended in a lot more time being spent in the snow than on it - we had a really fun day with lots of laughs regardless!

Our last night in Switzerland was a Masquerade Gala at the amazing Waldhaus Flims Alpine Grand Hotel & Spa - covered in snow and fairy lights, it was magical. Everyone had to dress up and wear a mask. We were greeted by welcome drinks and then proceeded to the dining hall where we had a 3 course meal with classical ballet as entertainment. This was followed by a DJ and the opening of the dance floor. The perfect end to an amazing trip.

The following morning we checked out of the beautiful resort and were taken by bus back to Zurich airport. From here Brands and I caught a train straight to Milan Central station.

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