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8 Hacks For Surviving SALE SEASON

If you are like me then sale season is actually just a test of your self control - which I fail every time. I often find myself buying unnecessary items just for the sake of it being a bargain and end up filling my cupboard with things I don't need. This year how ever I have surprised myself and have managed to stay away from the shops for majority of this years mid season sale. Below are a few tips and hacks on how to control yourself and eliminate the sale STRESS and avoid the crowds!

1. Make a list of what you NEED

How often do you forget what you actually have in your wardrobe and just keep recycling the top few layers of clothing? And am I the only one that has about 5837 white crop tops and 89765 black crop tops? Make sure you make a list of essentials that you need for the season so that when you get to the store you know exactly what to look for. With this being said If I am shopping for summer pieces that I need but I end up finding a winter staple - that I will need in my wardrobe, such as an oversized black coat, you best believe that I am going to buy it because I know that I will be paying a lot more in a couples months time for a similar basic piece.

2. Make a list of what you WANT

There is no shame in buying items just because you love them and they make you happy (within budget and reason). I buy plenty of items that I know are not staple wardrobe pieces but I make sure that when I am making a purchase that I know that once I have loved the piece and am ready to let it go that it is sellable so that I can pass it on to someone else to love.

When it comes to trendy and statement pieces I always save things on Instagram and Pinterest that inspire me or inspire a styled look in my mind. When I am making my list or online shopping I check both platforms for items that I am wanting or frequently saving to add to my collection which helps me from adding unnecessary things to my cart.

3. Know when the sales start (or restock) and go during working hours

The worst is getting to a sale and everything is already messy and there are piles of clothes lying everywhere. When I walk in and see this I walk straight back out. Know when the big seasonal sales are, when the restocks are (sign up to newsletters or follow them on social media) and if you can, go first thing in the morning or during your work lunch break and AVOID the weekends unless you love crowds and standing in lines. PS - most stores rotate merchandise before the weekend rush.

4. Shop Online

Avoid the crowds altogether and shop online. Unfortunately in South Africa we are limited to what is available locally online (don't get me started on this topic), but make use of the few online platforms and stores that we do have. Make sure to check the returns policy before purchasing sale items online.

5. Buy better quality wardrobe essentials

Yes you might end up paying the same price for something on sale at Country Road that you would pay full price at H&M, for example, but the garments will last you multiple seasons so really you are saving future money?! This is often a good tip for essentials and wardrobe basics because you tend to wear them often.

6. Style the item before buying it

If you are buying something that you can only wear with that one pair of shoes that you own that you have had for a year and only worn once - don't get it. I also need to listen to this piece of advice. If you know you can style the item in AT LEAST 3 different ways then you know you will be getting some good wear out of it.

7. For every item that you purchase remove an old piece from your wardrobe

We tend to forget things are there even if we are seeing them everyday so if you haven't worn it in over a year you might want to consider getting rid of it. Either give items away to less fortunate or sell them on to be worn second hand.

8. Send photos to your bestie asking if its necessary

The only person who knows your closet as well as you do is your best friend. If you are uncertain if an item is a necessity or not send them a photo and ask if you really NEED it. They will either ask you if you need a 7th little black dress or if you have a best friend/roommate like mine who's shopping addiction matches mine, they will say YOLO GET IT (I am the latter so never ask me).

Happy Shopping! Xo

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